Team & Leadership Development

Whether you're managing a division, a team, or just a few employees, learn how to get the most from your employees by creating conditions for their success.


Learn how to collaborate more effectively as a team and to get immediate results.


Gain insights on establishing a culture with a plan for scaling, developing cross-cultural intelligence and creating a healthy and productive work environment.

Are you a Responsible Leader?

Team Development

Leverage my experience in coaching and mentoring corporate teams to drive executional excellence and accelerate performance through building alignment and growing the capabilities of others.


Team Building Programs:

For team members to trust each other, they all need to be part of a team that functions properly - one that has a clearly defined structure, measurable goals, strategic direction and assigned roles and responsibilities.


I will work directly with you and your team to (a) connect team performance fundamentals to actual business needs, (b) connect performance objectives and team disciplines while (c) developing a sustainable framework that supports commitment to business performance and the organization’s corporate culture, vision, mission, and strategy.


Team Alignment

Develop high performing teams that are strategically aligned with broader organizational values and goals.


Team Execution

Equip your teams with cutting edge, time-tested principles, tools and techniques to execute with excellence.


Team Agility

Develop a team that fosters a distinct and emphatic culture - one that seeks uncompromising perfection.


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This workshop will provide insight for you and your team into what makes people resilient and will provide practical tools and tips to help you lead and accelerate change.

Take aways from our Thriving Under Pressure workshop:

  • For you: Practical and immediately usable techniques for building personal resilience incorporating emotional intelligence, values, strengths, connection and managing physical energy.

  • For your team: Accepting change is far different from managing change. Your team will learn proven approaches for embracing fear and uncertainty associated with change.

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