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For the past 12 years Mike has developed and delivered programming focused on building resilience to support living an authentic life while coping with the devastating impact of trauma.


As a former executive and current yogi he provides an impactful platform for those interested in the intersection between yoga, science and nonprofit work.

Are you a Responsible Leader?

Training Services

Mike has facilitated trainings in a variety of settings including community spaces, hospitals, businesses, prisons, behavioral health and substance use facilities.



  • Responsible Corporate Officers & the ‘Soft’ Side of Internal Controls

  • How to Becoming a Truly Responsible Leader 

  • Mindfulness in the Real World

  • Practical Mindfulness for Healthcare Workers


As Founder and Executive Director of the Transformation Yoga Project Mike has been the faculty in numerous workshops including:



  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga

  • Teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga within the Justice System

  • Yoga for Recovery & Reentry

  • Mindfulness Based Yoga for Veterans

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training for Youth – Fostering Resilience Through Mindfulness and Yoga


Extended Trainings

200 Yoga Teacher Training Certification program

"Mike is truly awesome and inspiring. This training was affordable, informative, and motivating. I have spent much more money on much longer trainings and not learn as much as I did in this 14 hour training. Mike incorporates his real life experience and knowledge into this training. It left me feeling prepared to teach trauma sensitive classes as well as wanting to make a difference."  Kelly F.


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This workshop will provide insight for you and your team into what makes people resilient and will provide practical tools and tips to help you lead and accelerate change.

Take aways from our Thriving Under Pressure workshop:

  • For you: Practical and immediately usable techniques for building personal resilience incorporating emotional intelligence, values, strengths, connection and managing physical energy.

  • For your team: Accepting change is far different from managing change. Your team will learn proven approaches for embracing fear and uncertainty associated with change.

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