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Aligning Vision, Purpose and  Leadership

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Mike Huggins

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"...Everyone should learn to recognize when it is time for change, that where you are doesn't define who you are, and to learn to live life to the fullest..." -M. Huggins

I've been there and can relate...

How we will serve you

"...Mike's message centers on our own spirituality and challenges us to discover our inner strength to help us identify what is truly important in our daily lives..." - M. Daley, PhD

Coaching & Consulting

Whether you are an experienced manager, transitioning to a new role, or work for either a non-profit or for profit organization you want to be both an effective and responsible leader who leverages your individual capabilities to tackle the unique business & life challenges in an ever-complicated world.

I've worked with leaders at all levels ranging from start-ups, to established mid size companies to provide clarity of purpose to align vision, mission and values for both your business and personal aspirations.

"The Positive, the Possible & the Genius in Each of Us….it’s core to my belief that each of us contains unique gifts, untapped potential, and when unleashed can serve us has we navigate life’s challenges." -Mike Huggins

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I work with only a few clients so as to provide customized, personalized and 

transformational service.

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Best Selling Author Featured on: 

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Going Om is a behind-the-scenes look at life in a men’s correctional facility, complete with alarming and surprisingly funny stories. Mike Huggins shares letters he had written from inside, lessons he had learned along the way, and how he discovered his true calling and ultimate sense of purpose.

Yoga gave Huggins the strength, direction, and tools he needed to shift from his role as a corporate executive on the outside to sharing a cell in our often-corrupt prison system. Before long, he started teaching incarcerated men breathing exercises, anger management, and how to take yoga off the mat to be spiritually free.

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