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As an industry expert and natural storyteller, Mike provides compelling and personal examples of how individuals, organizations and teams can navigate life’s challenges in a manner which provides personal and professional growth, improved productivity, and accountability and skills needed to become effective and responsible leaders.

Keynotes can also be streamed live from our in-house studio.

Mike, who went to prison as a responsible corporate officer, is a champion for personal and professional integrity and accountability. Now is the time to safeguard both yours and your organization's reputation, educate your employees on the dangers and pitfalls that could easily derail them, and manage and provide the opportunity for success.

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Mike is available for organizational leaders, managers, HR, professional groups including regulatory, and legal compliance organizations.


  • Challenge assumptions and conventional wisdom

  • Build courage to foster responsible risk-taking

  • Develop everyday creativity to attack business problems of all sizes

  • Design fresh approaches for aligning vision, mission & values

Sample Keynotes

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Going Om: A CEO's Self-Discovery Behind Bars

Themes from his best selling book. Lessons learned from his experiences from CEO to Inmate to Yogi to Community Leader to Advocate for Responsible Leadership. Mike presents practical ways for dealing with life's challenges.

Reputation Management

The Michael D. Huggins story and the lessons learned will protect your company and its executives from reputation damage. Mike will share his unique integrity protection tools for real crisis management.


Responsible Corporate Officer

Mike clarifies corporate responsibility to those immediately impacted; employees, stakeholders and society at large. How can the corporate officer be responsible and maintain passion and integrity in all areas?


The Privilege of Being an Executive

 Is it possible to be an ethical leader in an unprincipled culture and still achieve your performance objectives while maintaining your integrity? Mike provides a blueprint for revealing hidden roadblocks, and deciphering barriers will lead to improved leadership and productivity.


Real Guidance and Clarity for Career Objectives

Are you looking to further your career, but your career path is not fulfilling? Discover and create opportunities for career development.


Identifying and Developing High-Potential Employees

Pinpoint, motivate and cultivate talented individuals without work disruption or employee jealousy. Take your business to the next level.

Mindfulness in the Real World

What is mindfulness, and how can you use it to enhance well-being on and off the job? Mike provides techniques that ease and improve interaction with your family and co-workers, especially in high-stress situations.

Gratitude in Times of Trouble

It's easy to be grateful as you climb the mountain but what defines you is how you react when you tumble to the bottom. Mike will provide insight into healthy ways we can cope with circumstances beyond our control in an often unforgiving and uncompassionate environment.

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